Cockroach Treatment


Cockroach treatment refers to the process of controlling and managing cockroach infestations in various environments to reduce their numbers and mitigate the risks they pose to health, hygiene, and comfort. Cockroaches are known vectors of diseases and can be a nuisance when they infest indoor and outdoor spaces.
Why got Cockroach?
Dark and Hidden Spaces
Cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer dark and hidden areas where they can rest during the day.
Cracks, crevices, gaps in walls, and clutter provide hiding spots and shelter for cockroaches.
Easy Access
Cockroaches can enter buildings through gaps in doors, windows, and walls, and they can hitchhike on items like groceries, packages, or luggage.
Drains and Sewers
Cockroaches can enter buildings through drains and sewage systems.
Our Cockroach Treatment
Residual Spraying
Proper studying and identifying the most effective and less immunity of pests in your premise; using the right amount and right A.I. to effectively kill and control pest within all perimeter of your premise.
ULV Misting Treatment
Water carries pesticides with microns range from 5-10 to effectively kills pest for areas which might be left out from Residual Spraying.
Gel Baiting
Odorless poison baits to kill cockroach through stomach feeding and creates a domino effect. Excellent in covering small/sensitive premise; but not effective for large premise.
Cockroach Traps
Use sticky traps or glue boards to monitor and capture cockroaches, aiding in population assessment.

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