Fly Treatment


Fly treatment refers to the process of controlling and managing fly populations in various environments to reduce their numbers and mitigate the risks they pose to health, hygiene, and comfort. Flies are known vectors of diseases and can be a nuisance when they infest indoor and outdoor spaces.
Why got Flies?
Food Sources
Flies are drawn to sources of organic matter, such as decaying food, garbage, and animal waste, which provide them with nourishment.
Breeding Sites
Flies reproduce in environments with suitable breeding sites, including rotting food, compost, and moist organic materials.
Flies are attracted to areas with moisture, which is essential for their reproductive process.
Flies are more active in warmer temperatures, and they seek shelter in cooler indoor environments.
Our Fly Treatment
Flies Trap
Flies are attrscted to a certain light spectrum such as the Ultra violet light. Flies that are attracted to it will adhere to the sticky sheet located inside the light trap.
ULV Misting Treatment
Water carries pesticides with microns range from 5-10 to effectively kills pest for areas which might be left out from Residual Spraying.

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